Derek Stegall


The outcomes of hardwork!

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Small Business Website

A small business website designed with HTML and CSS. This site provides three pages: a Home page, About page and Courses page.

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Code Pen Activity

A CodePen activity allowing you to hover several tags and see how they interact. This project was formed with HTML and CSS.

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Guessing game, select treasure chest in hopes that you'll find the treasure. Created with HTML and CSS.



Attending Base Camp Coding Academy, we learn coding and professionalism

The languages I've covered are: Python, HTML and CSS

Strongest Language: Python

Home Town

From Tupelo, Ms

Future Plans

When graduating from BCCA I will begin searching for my job in software development. Building on my career early is my top goal.

5 Years From Now

Five years from now I hope to spread my teachings to ones that dont know their paths after highschool. Form an organization like Base Camp where the world can see it.

Inspirational Quotes