Derek Stegall

I am a graduate of Base Camp Coding Academy! Studying for my career in, Software Development, by improving on my skills as a full-stack web application developer and continuously improving on my knowledge of Python, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, Agile, Java, Spring and Django

A Developer, Developing Greatness

Projects of Interest

A few projects I enjoyed working on!

Treasure Game

Made With: HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Guessing game, select treasure chest in hopes that you'll find the treasure. Created with HTML and CSS.

BCCA Nomination Form


An app capable of taking you through the first few steps of signing up for Base Camp Coding Academy. This app allows you to nominate a student for BCCA or as a student it allows you to apply for it. On a higher level, administration is allowed to review the applications and deny or accept them.

Ascent Ping Pong Spring API

Made With: Spring, Django, Java, SQL, Postman, Postgres

Translation of Django Application to Spring API. Testing my skills in the Spring framework using Postman to handle requests and SQL to write to a Postgres database.

Educational Background

Base Camp Coding Academy / Water Valley, MS | Class of 2020

Software Development Curriculum: foundations in Python, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, Agile, Java, Spring and Django.


Work Experience

Base Camp Coding Academy / Procurement Team Member | August 2019 - May 2020

Renasant Tech Center / Intern | March 2020

Exceed Technologies / Intern | April 2019 - May 2019

A Little About Me

During highschool I was very active in theatre. I love being on stage and making a connection with the audience. In considering post highschool opportunities, Base Camp stood out to me because of the access to a stable, creative, and fast-paced career environment. I have enjoyed translating and fine-tuning the skills I learned in theatre to generate enthusiasm in team projects, maintain composure during presentations, and confidently meet and connect with new people. My favorite part about Base Camp is working with my peers and being able to openly share new ideas and innovative learning strategies.

How To Get In Contact

Feel Free To Contact Me!